Boston Cares Presents the 2018 Volunteer Olympics!

From ancient times to the present day, the Olympics have set an example for international unity, even in times of great division, and inspired generations by demonstrating the peak of human potential and physical prowess. For two short weeks, the Olympics fulfills a dream of our best selves, and realizes the potential for the creation of a stronger and more beautiful world, that we all hold within us. Soon, the 23rd Winter Olympiad will be upon us and, in the Olympic spirit, we are proud to announce the Boston Cares Winter Volunteer Olympics!

Beginning on February 1st and continuing for the duration of the month, the Volunteer Olympics will recognize exceptional volunteers who complete at least 15 hours of service within the month. Volunteers who serve enough hours to qualify for a gold, silver or bronze medal will be notified in March and invited to attend our Closing Ceremony celebration! While there is no action required to join the Olympics, if you would like to be represented as a member of your neighborhood delegation, make sure that the zip code attached to your account is accurate. While athletes representing the nations of the world toil in competition against one another, here in Boston, volunteers will be suiting up for their own spectacular feats, feats of determination, selflessness, and a resolve to build a better city with their own hands, one hour at a time. We are looking forward to being inspired and amazed by the work that you do.

For more information on the Boston Cares Volunteer Olympics, please visit

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