Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Trends for 2018

2017 was a record-breaking year for Corporate Volunteer Engagement and with 2018 upon us, we can expect the same as companies continue to expand their investment in the issues that matter to their employees, customers, and communities.

Based on an article from, there are many Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) trends that we can expect to take shape based on our country’s political and social climate.

Every CSR program has their own unique style and voice as companies must find a program that works for their organization, their stakeholders, their employees and their community. As companies work to strengthen their CSR program, there is no doubt that today’s most pressing problems will influence how they move forward.

The areas in which we can expect to see the most investment from companies are inequality in the workplace for women as well as minorities. Companies will be looking to add more diversity to their leadership teams and boards and with this in mind, they will also be working to create safe and healthy work environments for all employees.

Another trend noticed was an increased focus on disaster recovery as the United States was hit hard by many natural disasters. This year, the hope is that more companies will focus on disaster prevention by focusing on climate change. There will also be the focus on online privacy for consumers after the many cyber-attacks that took place over the last year.

Lastly, there has been a surge in CSR and corporate citizenship coming from the C-Suite, this means that initiatives that companies are pursuing, are coming from the top and are in a place to be fully supported by a company’s leadership team. This is especially true for employees to feel supported by their management when it comes to taking time to volunteer in their community. Many companies give employee time to volunteer with organizations that support causes they are passionate about, while other companies plan large days of service in which the entire company is encouraged to participate. Providing volunteer opportunities goes beyond feeling good, employees who participate in these programs often become more engaged and invested in their daily work.

What these trends indicate is the further investment companies are making into their CSR programs, and many are finding that a Corporate Social Responsibility in an imperative part of their organization. Now is the time for companies to take action as the leaders in their communities to make a significant and progressive change. If you are looking to start or change your volunteer engagement program within your organization contact our Corporate Engagement department to find out how!