March 2016 Volunteer Spotlight: Emily Blackwell

March - Spotlight PictureAbout Emily:

Emily is currently an undergraduate student at Northeastern University studying Human Services, Art, and Psychology. Originally from Sussex, Wisconsin, Emily joined the Boston Cares community in September of 2015 as a volunteer with our ServiceWorks team. Since then, she has worked with four different ServiceWorks cohorts and loves seeing all the enthusiasm the Scholars bring to their projects!


Becoming a Mindful Mentor” with ServiceWorks

Q: How did you get involved with ServiceWorks at Boston Cares?

I got involved with ServiceWorks as a part of Northeastern’s Service-Learning program, but chose to stay on after my class requirements were fulfilled because I enjoyed getting to know the scholars and seeing their excitement about the program.

Q: What has been the most meaningful part of your service with ServiceWorks?

The most meaningful part of my service with ServiceWorks was seeing the scholars complete their capstone project with Pine Street Inn. After several weeks planning the project and becoming invested and excited about it, it was great to see them feel proud of the impact they made and how they got to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Q: Do you have a favorite story about your experience with ServiceWorks that you would like to share?

My favorite story from my ServiceWorks experience was watching leaders emerge in our group. One particular boy sat in the back during the first module I ran, with headphones in his ears and saying nothing. By the time we were planning the capstone projects, he was leading discussion, volunteering for responsibilities, and encouraging others to help out. This program has a way of reaching everyone, and it was great to see him truly become invested in HIS service project.

Q: Why do you think others should join ServiceWorks?

The ServiceWorks program truly has an impact, in a way that the scholars desire and enjoy. The relationships built are incredible, and watching the scholars grow and learn is priceless.


Want to get involved?


ServiceWorks, powered by Boston Cares in partnership with AmeriCorps, the Citi Foundation, and Points of Light, is a groundbreaking, national program that engages 16-24 year olds in skill building, volunteering, and success coaching as strategies to help address barriers to youth economic opportunity within the targeted communities of ten major cities in the US.

Through ServiceWorks, program participants — also known as Service Scholars — gain critical leadership and workplace skills, strengthened networks and community connections and the opportunity to apply those skills by volunteering and leading their own community service projects.

ServiceWorks is currently seeking volunteers for the following opportunities:

  • Skill Building Trainers to lead one or more Skill Building Workshop (curriculum provided by ServiceWorks)
  • Success Coaches to mentor Service Scholars as they pursue their individual Success Plans

To learn more, please check out our website!


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