What does a squirrel say on Valentine’s Day? I’m nuts for you!

By Meg M., GoCreate Volunteer

I volunteered at my first GoCreate event yesterday: Sunday, February 7! GoCreate is a program meant for youth volunteers aged 5-17. Most of the volunteers at this event were high school students. We made construction paper Valentine Riddles, butterflies that hold lip balm, and listened to jazz.


The lip balm butterflies are being distributed on Saturday, February 13 to the Women’s Lunch Place by TeamWorks. Women’s Lunch Place is where homeless women can eat and stay safe when they need help. There are 250 butterflies going to the women there. We got to write Valentine’s Day messages on the butterflies like: “Be Mine!” and “Happy Valentine’s Day!”


The Valentine Riddles are for the Hale House Valentine’s Day Party. Hale House is an independent living home for older people. We made 25 valentines. They had funny jokes on them like: “What did one rabbit say to another? You’re no bunny until some bunny loves you!”


I think that the seniors at Hale House will think these valentines are funny and will hopefully make them laugh. The idea of making someone else smile makes me feel good.  I think that the women at Women’s Lunch Place will like the butterflies we made, too. During the winter, everyone needs lip balm because of the cold weather. It makes me feel good to know that I helped someone who needed it and also got to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day!

GoCreates are a great way for kids to volunteer their time and be creative! I had a lot of fun and am looking forward to making superhero capes next month for Horizons for Homeless Children.

Boston Cares offers a variety of volunteer opportunities for youth ages 5+ throughout the year. To learn more, please check out our website.