MLK Summer Scholars Program Needs You

“MLK Summer Scholars is one of my favorite projects all year. The workshops present questions, ideas, models– and ask the scholars their honest opinions.  The setting, the responsibility of the summer job, and the questions seem to give them the confidence to think critically and answer thoughtfully. That kid who can barely stand still in line will blow you away with his insight on the education system;  the girl you thought was texting will show you a draft of her intricate business model designed in response to the prompt.”

 Emily Rackleff, Boston Cares Volunteer and Program Manager

Boston Cares is recruiting a team of more than 50 volunteers to facilitate a series of inspiring guided discussions over breakfast with teens participating in the MLK Summer Scholars program, which provides summer jobs in corporate and community settings for more than 650 Boston teenagers. This program has been described as life-changing by Boston Cares participants in prior years.

Boston Cares joins partners John Hancock Financial, The Boston Globe, Partners Healthcare, Boston University and Teen Empowerment in running this series. The workshops incorporate teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King and will focus on youth success on the job, at school and in the community. Scholars get the chance to build meaningful relationships with other youth and volunteer table facilitators while learning life skills through guest speakers and interactive group activities.

These workshops charge volunteers and scholars alike to think carefully about their communities, their city, their goals, their biases and themselves. The environment of the MLK Summer Scholars Program gives youth the confidence to think critically and answer thoughtfully. Boston Cares Volunteer and Program Manager, Emily Rackleff describes MLK Summer Scholars as one of her favorite projects, saying, “Every time I’ve led a table, and every time I’ve gotten feedback from a volunteer, there is the overwhelming feeling of progress.”

The general public is invited to come be a part of this progress and play an influential role in a youth’s life – no Boston Cares orientation is required to participate. We are also seeking registration volunteers. Click here to sign up for MLK Summer Scholars today. Summer Scholar dates are July 18,  August 1, and August 15 from 8 am-10 am. Volunteers are encouraged, but not required, to make a multi-week commitment. Oh and, yes, mentors and registration volunteers receive a complimentary breakfast.