An Art Class a Day…

ImageA healthy dose of art is just what the doctor ordered at the University of New Mexico (UNM) Hospital where Patricia Repar uses music as her healing instrument.

CNN recently ran a feature on the UNM Hospital’s “Arts in Medicine” program, founded in 2002, which seeks to help those who suffer from ills which lack a chemical cure.

Facilitating creative activities for those patients allows them to rediscover meaning and depth in their lives, often filling them with new resolve to recover from physical illness.

It makes sense, right? How many times have you blasted your favorite song to rejuvenate after a long day at work or during a late-night study session?

Many hospitals throughout the country have now launched similar programs following the success at the UNM Hospital, but the healing power of the arts can be found in almost any setting.

If you would like to help spread artistic experiences you can volunteer at:

The Boston Landmarks Orchestra

Shakespeare in the Common

Boston Summer Arts Weekend


We want to know:

What’s your favorite way to be involved in the arts?

What song do you turn to for rejuvenation? 

2 thoughts on “An Art Class a Day…

  1. Sara says:

    I like to visit free gallery openings to see what type of art people are currently making. I also like to visit open markets (like SoWa in Boston) to view striving artists work. It’s pretty silly but when I need to feel rejuvenated I listen to a lot of Earth, Wind, & Fire. Something about “September” gets me happy and feeling great!


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