Thank You to our Starbucks Fellows!

This past August Boston Cares welcomed our first two Starbucks Service Fellows to the team. The Starbucks Service Fellowship Program, an innovative, employer-led service program inspired and informed by national service and coordinated by Points of Light.

The initial six-month pilot included 36 Starbucks retail partners (employees) in 13 cities across the United States, who served with a Points of Light affiliate in their communities, collectively providing more than 17,000 hours of community service.

During their time at Boston Cares our Starbucks Service Fellows hit the ground running and supported a variety of programs and events. Their primary projects were focused on our Allies for Immigrants ESOL Tutor Corps and the Boston Cares ServiceWorks Program.

Johnny helped coordinate the ServiceWorks program at Boston Cares.  Johnny contacted site partners, formed relationships, assisted in further development of the curriculum and facilitated the classes at various sites to deliver ServiceWorks to youth in our communities. 

He has worked with more than 70 students all across Boston who have all completed more than 10 service projects during his six-month term. 

“Being a Service Fellow has presented a very unique and fulfilling opportunity to assist in the creation and implementation of service projects around Boston.  I am very fortunate and grateful for the opportunity to lead the ServiceWorks program of Boston Cares.” -Johnny

Tatyana coordinated the Allies for Immigrants ESOL Tutor Corps. Tatyana spent her time with Boston Cares facilitating trainings, managing the program and creating a sense of unity in the Allies for Immigrants Corps. As part of her fellowship, Tatyana piloted facilitating coffee hours with volunteers to learn about their favorite things about the Allies for Immigrants program and to thank them for their commitment to their sites as ESOL tutors.  She worked with more than 60 Allies tutors and 9 ESOL program sites throughout her Fellowship.

“I was inspired to see a tutor who started as shy, lead a classroom months in. Talking with the volunteers, they tell me they benefit from volunteering as much as the students do. Supporting immigrants is invaluable right now. The environment for immigration is hostile right now, working with people who want to make it less so is worth every long day and struggle. It’s a crucial time for like-minded people to come together and support vulnerable people.” -Tatyana

“I had the opportunity to see how many people care about this community. I was incredibly inspired to see the work the volunteers consistently put in and how passionate they were about their projects. Getting to know the volunteers has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve experienced during my Fellowship.”

In addition to the Fellows hard work on their programs, they supported service projects during the week, planned and recruited their colleagues from Starbucks to come out and serve in December during Starbuck’s Week of Cheer event, and supported Boston Cares’ MLK Day – our largest service event of the year.

We are so grateful to Johnny and Tatyana for their hard work and dedication to serving communities in Boston during their Fellowship with us!

Learn more about the Starbucks Service Fellow program HERE.