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Are you looking to build meaningful, lasting relationships with the people you help serve? Are you a passionate, committed volunteer who would like to give their time and skills to a project they care deeply about, whether that be tutoring students or engaging in conversation with individuals learning English. Boston Cares’ Corps Program may be the perfect opportunity for you.

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Fall Corps Kickoff is Saturday, September 16th!

Volunteers will be introduced to the program and receive necessary training. This is a great opportunity for members to meet each other and speak with partners in the corps!

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The Corps Program:

In February 2015, one of Boston Cares’ partner organizations inquired about the possibility of providing long-term, dedicated volunteers for opportunities. From this simple request, the Corps was founded. A large part of our success is due to partnerships we’ve built with community centers and other small neighborhood organizations in the Boston area. Our partners provide impactful opportunities for volunteers and allow them to engage with the communities they serve. We recognize the amazing work these organizations accomplish in their communities and seek to provide caring hands. Many Corps partners look to Boston Cares to handle the logistics of recruiting, training, and placing volunteers for our partners’ volunteer needs.

Offering more relationship based opportunities; the Corps includes Basic Technology, Youth and Education, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Conversation and ESOL Classroom. Differing from our flexible Calendar program, the Corps requires a commitment of at least 2 opportunities a month (3 for the Basic Technology Corps). Corps programs focus on three key needs in Boston; reducing the wait-list in ESOL classes, providing tutoring and coaching services for teens, and equipping individuals with basic technology skills. See what our volunteers are saying about the Corps below!


English as a Second Language (ESOL) Corps

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The ESOL Classroom Corps and ESOL Conversation Corps are an engaging and interactive group programs for individuals dedicated to building and strengthening their skills, deepening their community impact, and making a difference in the lives of New Bostonians learning English.

“I have really enjoyed each of the one-off opportunities in which I’ve been able to participate through Boston Cares, but I was looking for a more regular, consistent commitment to one organization, so that I could build a relationship with both the organization itself and other individuals. The Corps program not only allows me to do just that, but also in an area of strong personal interest for me – ESOL Education.

I have been volunteering at the St. Mark’s Community Education Center’s citizenship class this summer, which serves a population of adult English language learners who are preparing for their naturalization exams and interviews. After the final class of the summer, the students who have gone through this course and recently passed their naturalization exams came back to the classroom to celebrate the end of the summer classes. It was rewarding to see how many adults have passed their exam and interview with the help of this program! The Corps has impacted this community and contributed to these students’ success by providing consistent volunteers who work with the students every week in small groups, reviewing the material covered in the class while connecting with them on a personal level.

There have been a lot of funny moments during this experience (such as one English language learner’s mix-up of “Pledge of Allegiance” with “Pledge of Allergies” and the laughter that ensued when she realized what she was saying thanks to another student acting it out), as well as a lot of heart-warming moments. I have felt so inspired by the students’ commitment to this citizenship class and their sincere willingness to learn and succeed. They are so dedicated to learning and have been incredibly grateful for the volunteers’ help every single week. “

-Laura Brond, ESOL Corps Member


English for New Bostonians Partnership:

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English for New Bostonians (ENB), a non-profit focused on creating opportunities for adult immigrants learning the English language, has become our key partner for the ESOLESOL Corps. With ENB’s influence, Corps volunteers are able to be a part of a network of people who share a passion for enhancing English skills for adult learners. This successful partnership has led us to receive the Cummings Grant that will enable us to grow the ESOL Corps even further in the next few years

Learn more about ENB and our Cummings Grant here!


Basic Technology Corps

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The Basic Technology Corps is an opportunity for members to be part of a network of like-minded volunteers and skilled professionals who are focused on beginner technology skills. Corps Members commit to taking on a greater role as a volunteer, through a twice a month corps-opportunity commitment, training, and leadership in the classroom.

“I believe it is essential that all of us have access to the Internet and digital literacy. I was impressed with the direct action that the Tech Corps takes to assist in making this a reality. I also was struck by the thoughtfulness of the program. The Corps cares about the individual needs of each class, and puts effort into finding volunteers that best fit those needs.

While the classes that the Corps assists with are educational and technical, they are also social and fun! They provide an opportunity for communities around Boston to meet and learn something together.

As a volunteer, I’ve been able to provide extra one on one attention to the class and form fulfilling friendships with students.

In one of the senior classes I’ve volunteered with, I enjoyed a class when the students were introduced At first they were hesitant about the site, but they quickly warmed up to it and were excited about their progress in the game being linked to food donations. I enjoyed watching them use the computer in a way that felt useful to them.”

Eliza Kiy, Basic Technology Corps Captain


Youth and Education Corps

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Our Youth & Education Corps supports school age students prepare for college and beyond. Volunteers will assist with tutor sessions, provide mentorship, and engage youth in partner programs.

“I have always appreciated how Boston Cares allows the flexibility to participate in a variety of volunteer experiences. However, I joined the Corps to deepen my engagement with youth and education development. As a Youth and Education Corps member, I was able to regularly volunteer on weekends in a mentor capacity.

I’ve participated in Corps work with students from many different areas of Boston. The volunteer trainings that Corps members are required to attend ensure we are equipped with relevant skills and tools to mentor and tutor effectively. While mentoring, it’s always a great feeling to see students light up with confidence after completing an exercise — whether that be a mock interview or a challenging SAT question!”

– Catherine Start, Youth and Education Corps Member


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