January 2017 Partner Spotlight: Neighborhood of Affordable Housing (NOAH)



About NOAH: Serving the greater Boston community by offering services to aid with assimilation and improve English comprehension, NOAH is recognized for their assistance in home ownership as well as providing a safe space for community development. Volunteers with Boston Cares’ ESOL Corps serve in NOAH’s English Language courses with adult learners.

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Q: How would you describe the services and opportunities offered at NOAH and the impact on the greater Boston area?

NOAH offers a series of services to our community, not just for East Boston, but for all Boston and the community beyond. Our services reach all different kind of people, either for home buyer education, housing search assistance, as well as English, Citizenship and computer classes.

Q: In your own words, please describe the demographic that your organization serves.

NOAH works with all kind of people, immigrants, disadvantage families, low/medium income families and with whomever need our services.

Q: What role do volunteers serve at NOAH and what are some of your volunteer goals?

In our English program, volunteers are seen as a model, an example and as a teacher. Our program coordinates with the volunteers, so they can take their own initiative working with the students. We encourage our volunteer to be their teachers, mentors, friends, learn from them to have a better understanding of their needs.

Q: What do you think volunteers gain by serving with your organization?

The experience to work with adult learners from different countries helps volunteers to have a better understanding of their needs, and also learn about different cultures. This can help volunteers in their futures.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories/ experiences at NOAH that you would like to share?

Seeing a 60 years old woman start learning English in Level One, then taking our Citizenship class, and finally becoming a US Citizen.


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About Boston Cares’ ESOL Corps: 

The Boston Cares ESOL Corps program is an impact driven opportunity for volunteers dedicated to advancing English language education and skills for youth and adults. Corps members are a part of a network of volunteers who share a passion for enhancing others’ access to services as well as education through language. Volunteers serve at 2-4 partner organizations and deepen their community engagement by committing to serve twice-a-month through the Corps and attending skill building opportunities. Boston Cares offers ESOL Classroom Corps as well as ESOL Conversation Corps. Previous teaching experience is not required to volunteer with the ESOL Corps, just a desire to learn and expand opportunities for your community!

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