October 2016 Volunteer Spotlight: Jessica Ramirez

bannerAbout Jessica: Hailing from Miramar, FL, Jessica joined the Boston Cares community in January of 2015 and has logged nearly 70 hours of service with us. She spends most of her time working as a financial analyst but loves to get out and serve at Women’s Lunch Place whenever she can!





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Q: Why do you volunteer?

Volunteering is what keeps me well-balanced. It is pleasant to see how you can make such a small difference in a person’s day by smiling when you serve them food or taking an hour to play gin rummy. My work does not allow me to make a change in this world and volunteering helps me balance that out.

Q: Why did you choose to serve in Boston Cares’ TeamWorks Program?

I was looking for a way to volunteer in a more consistent basis that allowed me to try new projects or sites. TeamWorks gave me that option as well as a way to meet new people that shared similar interests.

Q: What has been the most meaningful part of your service as a TeamWorks volunteer?

It is so nice towards the end of TeamWorks (when we have all known each other for a couple of weeks) to volunteer together, it feels like a mini family. You look forward to the new project/site because you know that you are going to be there with people that care as much as you do.

Q: Why do you think others should volunteer through TeamWorks?

TeamWorks allows you to connect to each project/site in a new way. You have your “mini family” there to talk about the project/site and how you are making a change by volunteering.

Q: Do you have a favorite story about your TeamWorks experience you’d like to share?

I have loved every single one of my TeamWorks experience and have enjoyed the times after volunteering where we have gathered to grab coffee/tea. I have met many interesting people in TeamWorks. It is nice when you run into old TeamWorks volunteers in the city, they are unexpected friends I would not have meet otherwise.

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The Boston Cares TeamWorks Program is focused on facilitating the shift from casual volunteering to intentional citizenship. Each TeamWorks session provides specialized volunteering opportunities around a theme or impact area and with some of our most popular non-profit partner sites. As a TeamWorks volunteer, you will join a team of 6-10 other individual volunteers and serve together over 6-8 weeks. This gives you an opportunity to build your volunteer community and delve deeper into your projects.

Interested in getting involved? Please visit us at www.bostoncares.org/teamworks


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