January 2016 Volunteer Spotlight: Amanda Priscilla Araujo da Silva




About Amanda:

Amanda is currently a graduate student at Northeastern University studying Computer Science. Originally from Natal, RN, Brazil, Amanda joined the Boston Cares community in January of 2015 and has logged more than 180 hours of service so far! She has been serving as the Basic Tech Corps Captain for Tech Goes Home since September 2015.



Resolving to Make a Difference with the Boston Cares Corps Program

Q: Why did you choose to serve with the Boston Cares Corps Program?

As a Computer Science student, I was looking for related opportunities to engage during my summer break, when Emily (Boston Cares’ Senior Program Manager) told me about the Basic Technology Corps program. I attended the orientation and started signing up for projects. Besides it being a good fit for my field of study, I started loving the projects since the very first one.

Q: What has been the most meaningful part of your service with the Corps Program (bostoncares.org/corps)?

Helping people who had no previous contact with technology is like opening the doors to new horizons of opportunities through so many resources available on the Internet. It is priceless to see their interest in learning and their evolution through the classes.

Q: Do you have a favorite story about your Corps Program experience you’d like to share?

It was when I volunteered in a class completely in Spanish. Since I am Brazilian and speak Portuguese, which is a little similar, I could understand most of what they were saying, but I never took any Spanish classes, so it was very hard for me to speak in Spanish. I tried to communicate with the students using a mix of English-Portuguese, some few words in Spanish with a weird pronunciation and gestures, and it, surprisingly, worked! Also, through the contact with that new language, I could learn and get more used to it after some classes. Some classes later, I received an invitation from the teacher to make a presentation in the last class as the other students of the course, and I accepted the challenge to do it in Spanish. Afterwards, it was even better than I expected! I helped to teach them something new while I learned something new from them.

Q: Why do you think others should join the Corps Program?

Everyone who enjoys sharing knowledge should definitely consider joining the Corps. It is a very interesting and fun way to assist the teacher and the students in a one-to-one basis during the classes. It is a very special opportunity for those interested in teaching skills, but also for anyone who wants to build a network, work on self-confidence and communication skills through the interaction with students or simply feel like doing something meaningful in Education for the community.

Want to Get Involved?

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The Boston Cares Corps program is an impact driven opportunity for volunteers dedicated to building and strengthening their skills, deepening their community engagement, and making a difference in the lives of Greater Bostonians. The Corps program combines Boston Cares’ signature flexibility with a focused commitment to an impact area, and the resources to make a measurable change.

Corps members will have the opportunity to be a part of a network of volunteers with common interests, skilled professionals, and specific non-profit organizations dedicated to the Corps’ thematic service model.

Boston Cares currently has four different Corps to choose from:

  • ESOL Corps: Support volunteer ESOL instructors in the classroom, work one-on-one with students to improve specific skills, and lead conversation groups to better equip students for everyday interactions in English.

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  1. Janet Iraola says:

    Amanda is great. She volunteered at the Hennigan School Tech Goes Home Course and was absolutely wonderful.


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