Mission Critical Weekday Opportunity, Tuesday, May 19

After an emergency, how will Bostonians get water and food? Help the City of Boston equip residents with these critical supplies after a disaster by participating in the city’s exercise drill!  Volunteers will set-up the exercise, alternate between passing out supplies to vehicles and playing the role of driver (taking their own vehicle through the line), and breaking down the exercise. Volunteers not able to load supplies can stay at the driver role.  Drivers will be given character scripts to act out scenarios!

Please note: The city is seeking volunteers with their own vehicles to fully participate in the exercise. However volunteers without vehicles are more than welcome to join as well!

This exercise is very important to the City of Boston for planning for major disasters.   High need for volunteers, please take part!

Lunch will be provided!dart 1

Please try to sign-up before May 8th, but registration will be to May 14th: Sign Up

May 19th Tuesday 8:30 AM – 4 PM

100 Meadows Road

Hyde Park, MA

Have an interest in disaster preparedness, response, or recovery?

Join the Disaster. Action. Recovery. Team.  Boston Cares’ D.A.R.T. volunteer group that engages in a variety of trainings, exercise drill events, and are the first to volunteer during an emergency.  D.A.R.T. has 2-3 opportunities per month, which offers to improve your own personnel skill set and expose you to different organizations in the disaster field.

On Monday May 4 2015, volunteers got to learn all about severe weather, getting certified to become a Nation Weather Service (NWS) Skywarn Spotter.  Learning the fundamentals of storm formation, basic severe weather safety, and information to report to the NWS.  Skywarn spotters provide the nation’s first line of defense against severe weather giving communities the precious gifts of time-seconds and minutes that can help people prepare and take shelter!

dart 2On Saturday April 25, 2015, volunteers took part in Urban Search in Rescue training.  Learning search and rescue techniques, preformed cribbing for debris lifting on a resistant simulation obstacle, and broke open a door with a halogen!

Interested in joining D.A.R.T. and getting added to the D.A.R.T. newsletter highlighting these opportunities: Click Here      

Not sure about joining the team, but interested in taking part in these types of activities, feel free to just sign up on the calendar and join us.  Any questions please email dpitts@bostoncares.org.