December 2016 Volunteer Spotlight: George Xu



About George: Originally from Luzhou, China, George Xu joined the Boston Cares community in November 2014 and has logged 202.50 hours with us. During the day, George works in Finance but after work you can find him playing board games and crafting with seniors at Cooperative Elder Services, distributing food at the Elizabeth Peabody House Food Pantry, or tutoring math with X-Cel Education!



Spread Some Cheer with Boston Seniors!

Q: Why did you choose to serve through Boston Cares at Cooperative Elder Services?

Boston Cares is a great platform that connects volunteers to projects I am passionate about in a fast and easy-to-do manner.

Q: What has been the most meaningful part of your service as a Cooperative Elder Services volunteer?

Spending quality time with seniors and at the same time an opportunity to give back.

Q: Why do you think others should volunteer at Cooperative Elder Services ?

It is an great opportunity not only to give back to the community but also lends perspective on their life experiences and stories.

Q:  Do you have a favorite story about your Cooperative Elder Services experience you’d like to share?

One of my favorite moments is when we did arts and crafts with patriotic turtles. When the seniors’ faces lit up after finishing the crafts project. It was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had and I’m grateful to have shared in their happiness.

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About our Senior Partners:

Boston Cares contributes to the health and wellness of community members by providing comfort and services for over 1,500 isolated seniors throughout Boston. These include opportunities for volunteers to engage in activities at local senior centers such as card games, bingo and crafting. Volunteers provide these otherwise isolated seniors with comfort, fun, and lots of good company. Boston Cares also assists local organizations with food distribution to seniors throughout the city.

Projects in need of volunteers include: Hale House Game Nights, Cooperative Elder Services, Distributing Food to Seniors with the Greater Boston Food Bank Mobile Markets, Distribute Food to Seniors at the Red Cross Food Pantry

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