April 2016 Volunteer Spotlight: Stefanie O’Shea & Catherine Zagroba

SOAbout Stefanie:

Stefanie works as the Director of Job Training Services at Community Work Services (a Boston Cares partner). Originally from Reno, Nevada, Stephanie began volunteering with Boston Cares nearly 10 years ago in December of 2006. Since then she has completed over 160 hours of service and continues to love serving dinner at the Boston Living Center and sorting donations at the Greater Boston Food Bank. We are thrilled to be having her run for us in this year’s Marathon!



About Catherine:

Catherine currently works as a Management Consultant and will be heading to business school this fall. Moving to Boston from Ridgewood, New Jersey, she joined Boston Cares in December of 2015 and has since found that her favorite project is sorting baby items at Room To Grow. She is excited to be running this year’s Marathon for us and we are so grateful for her enthusiasm!



Going the Extra Mile with our Boston Marathon Runners

 Why did you choose to serve/how did you get involved with the Boston Cares?

Stefanie: I found out about Boston Cares when I was at HandsOn New Orleans helping clean up and rebuild after Katrina. A group of Boston Cares volunteers had just been through and done a ton of great work, so as soon as I got home to Boston I signed up. This got me volunteering in Boston and also back to New Orleans (twice) with Boston Cares.

Catherine: I first heard about Boston Cares through a volunteer event at my work and then was inspired to personally get involved. I had been wanting to give back and it was so easy to do so with Boston Cares!


What has been the most meaningful part of your service with Boston Cares?

 Stefanie: I have made some of the best friends in the world through volunteering with Boston Cares. As a transplant from Nevada, it connected me to people with the same values and interests as myself and gave us fun ways to spend our time together. Who doesn’t prefer a shift socializing kittens at the MSPCA to another overpriced brunch?

Catherine: I really enjoy seeing how much can be done in a short of amount of time with a dedicated, enthusiastic group of volunteers. It’s also always great to see the people you are serving and the immediate impact of the work you are doing.


Why do you think others should join Boston Cares?

Stefanie: Boston Cares connects people to their community and allows you to feel some ownership and pride about being a Bostonian and what you can do to help make this the best city in the world.

Catherine: There are so many opportunities to give back; even if you’re busy you can find a way to with Boston Cares.


Want to get involved?

At Boston Cares, we watch acts of kindness unfold every day and by the end of the year, those thousands of cumulative actions add up to truly remarkable accomplishments.  For example, in one year Boston Cares volunteers:

  • serve 75,000 meals to hungry neighbors
  • revitalize classrooms and play spaces at schools serving 7,000 children
  • coach 220 athletes to achieve goals and compete in the Special Olympics
  • tutor recent immigrants from 35 countries around job readiness
  • spend 1,700 hours visiting and supporting senior citizens
  • usher at free outdoor concerts and plays enjoyed by over 25,000 city dwellers

Ensuring quality volunteer experiences that make a real difference is well worth the year-round effort that goes into developing and delivering 3,000 well-organized, meaningful, and enjoyable service projects. Your financial donation will support the staff, systems, and technology that make it exceptionally easy for more than 20,000 volunteers of all ages to serve others in powerful ways 365 days a year.

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